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Spam kan vara riktigt poetiska. Ett spam jag fick nyss inleddes med en lång berättelse:

I got about thirty of these jargon-speaking merchants so excited with my spirited method of not buying what they wanted me to that a large Englishman and a tall, gaunt Australian, thinking there was a fight going on, came to where I sat drinking coffee, and found that the screams, gesticulations, appeals to Allah, smiting of foreheads, brandishing of fists, and the general uproar were all caused by a quiet and well-behaved American girl sitting in their midst. They rescued me, loaded my purchases on my donkey boy, and found my donkey for me.

Efter ännu mer svammel kommer finalen på och syftet med mailet – en upplysning till mig att jag borde förlänga min penis genom att köpa billiga penisförlängarepiller från den-och-den sidan.


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