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Board game / Bored game

Character: Gisela

Nickname: Moment 22


Energy level: 1

Physical strength: 3

Mental strength: 2

Moral: 2

Influence: 4

Sense of humor: 4

Intelligence: 5

Creativity: 5

Focus: 1

Gut feeling ability: 4


• Problem solving. +3 Mental strength and +2 Creativity during surprise attacks and/or if trapped. 

• Persuasion. +2 Influence and +3 Focus during a verbal confrontation. 

• Visuality. +3 Focus when searching for physical clues, decoding pictures and detecting details and patterns. (+4 for art interpretation.)

• Odd knowledge. Gisela has a 50% chance to help out another player faced with a knowledge challenge they cannot solve themselves. 

Unique modifiers:

• Energy level +2 and Focus while holding the Desamfetamin medicine card. 

• Mental strength -1 if faced with three or more unsuccessful dice rolls in a row. 

• All players on the same square as Gisela receives +2 Moral if Gisela plays the Humor card as an action. (Gisela’s own moral is not affected.)

• Friendship. Another player can choose to play any social card directed at Gisela once per round as an action, to give Gisela +4 Energy level, +1 Moral and +2 Mental strength. 

• Moral +2 if holding the Interest card. 

50/50 risk or bliss special modifier:

• Gisela starts off with the 50/50 card. Once per game cycle, Gisela must roll a dice during a confrontation:

1-3: -1 on all of Gisela’s Personality traits for one round. 

4-6: +1 on all of Gisela’s Personality traits for one round. 


”Too weird to live, too rare to die”

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