On hyperfocus

Let’s talk hyperfocus ✨ (Ja, ett inlägg på engelska.)

What is it? ”An intense form of mental concentration or visualisation that focuses consciousness on a subject, topic or task”. Huperfocus is one of the defining aspects of ADHD. It’s almost impossible to focus on a boring task, but when engaging in something you find interesting, the ”focus is often extreme”. So no: we DON’T lack attention (common prejudice), it’s just harder for us to direct it to certain tasks. (Quotes: Wikipedia.)

Coming out of hyperfocus mode is almost scary. Suddenly, you realise: Oh my, I forgot to eat, I didn’t take a break for hours, I have a severe headache I didn’t even notice before and I need to pee like right NOW but didn’t even felt the need before. But wow, did I get a LOT of work done! ✨

This state of weird, intense focus happens to me all the time. Today as well. I just ”came to” after a 6 hour hyperfocus trance, and looked up finding my half-eaten breakfast from this morning beside me. Thirsty as hell. And suddenly, I felt how tired I was. Because whilst in hyperfocus, it’s like the body turns EVERYTHING else off. Feelings of tiredness, huger, nature calls and thirst included. 

So why do I like my ability to hyperfocus? (Because I do, I wouldn’t want to be without it.)

Well. I AM THE MOST EFFECTIVE PERSON IN THE WORLD (give or take). I probably get more done in an hour than some people do in one or two days, if my conditions are right. I solve every problem, and I GET THINGS DONE.

365 Masquerades is 100% a product of creativity, lack of impulse control, playfulness, outside-the-box thinking and, yes: hyperfocus.

But – what must I be more careful with than the ”average person”?

Take breaks. Have routines for eating, drinking, stretching. If I don’t set an alarm, I WILL forget these things. 

I’m never on the average. My energy and concentration levels are either 1000%, or I’m in a coma from exhaustion. 

And this is why I burn out so easily. 

First step to be kind to yourself, ADHD or not?


Second step? General awareness. Be open with your strong AND your weak spots. Give others a chance to understand you. Make them look after you from time to time, should you forget to do it by yourself.


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One Response to On hyperfocus

  1. u says:

    Interesting. Sounds a bit like when programmers get ‘in the zone’ and really focus on their code to the exclusion of .. everything else.


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