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Board game / Bored game

Character: Gisela

Nickname: Moment 22


Energy level: 1

Physical strength: 3

Mental strength: 2

Moral: 2

Influence: 4

Sense of humor: 4

Intelligence: 5

Creativity: 5

Focus: 1

Gut feeling ability: 4


• Problem solving. +3 Mental strength and +2 Creativity during surprise attacks and/or if trapped. 

• Persuasion. +2 Influence and +3 Focus during a verbal confrontation. 

• Visuality. +3 Focus when searching for physical clues, decoding pictures and detecting details and patterns. (+4 for art interpretation.)

• Odd knowledge. Gisela has a 50% chance to help out another player faced with a knowledge challenge they cannot solve themselves. 

Unique modifiers:

• Energy level +2 and Focus while holding the Desamfetamin medicine card. 

• Mental strength -1 if faced with three or more unsuccessful dice rolls in a row. 

• All players on the same square as Gisela receives +2 Moral if Gisela plays the Humor card as an action. (Gisela’s own moral is not affected.)

• Friendship. Another player can choose to play any social card directed at Gisela once per round as an action, to give Gisela +4 Energy level, +1 Moral and +2 Mental strength. 

• Moral +2 if holding the Interest card. 

50/50 risk or bliss special modifier:

• Gisela starts off with the 50/50 card. Once per game cycle, Gisela must roll a dice during a confrontation:

1-3: -1 on all of Gisela’s Personality traits for one round. 

4-6: +1 on all of Gisela’s Personality traits for one round. 


”Too weird to live, too rare to die”

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We can be heroes just for one day 

Jag tänkte försöka hinna med det tidiga sömntåget ikväll. Mitt soundtrack blir den här

I can remember standing by the wall
And the guns shot above our heads
And we kissed as though nothing could fall

Imorse när nyheten om David Bowies bortgång nådde mig kändes det självklart att göra en bonus-365-masquerades som hyllning. 

Sov gott. 


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